Tree of Water and Power
Proposal for a mass-manufacturable
freestanding solar
mounting system
with greater maximum surface area,
lower cost, and far greater efficiency
than any mounting system available
Business Proposal
Research and Development
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TWP Team
The Humans Behind The Tree of Water and Power

Aret in Joshua Tree, CA

Aret Zelli, President

“A dedicated entrepreneur of change for the betterment of society and wellbeing of all life on Earth. I've worked in real estate, and as an executive in operations and business development for the world's largest logistics firm. Now I dedicate my time to making positive impacts by applying my experience to build businesses that leave a legacy of a cleaner planet.” Contact

Veronique in downtown Los Angeles, CA

Veronique Van Pelt, Brand Ambassador

“Originally a singer-songwriter from Elbert County, Colorado. I spend much of my time doing redneck education for BLM on TikTok or as I was recently dubbed, Woke Redneck TikTok.” Veronique attended the University of Southern California at age 16, graduating two years later with BSc. in Music Industry from the Thornton School of Music, while also working independently in music for TV in Hollywood. Contact

Paulo in downtown Los Angeles, CA

Paulo Von Borries, Production Manager

“I crave and enjoy challenging and rewarding work utilizing my 15+ years experience in art direction, graphic design, pre-press production, immersive photography/videography and interactive web multi-media. I have previously worked with Aerotek Inc., Alphagraphics, Assoc. of Graphic Comm., Auto Trader Magazine, Crane Morley, Electric Dreams Inc., Goldenvoice, Coachella, Stagecoach, Soft Bit Inc., and Wellprint Corp.”

MST in Joshua Tree, CA

Michael Simon Toon, Designer, Engineer

Toon has been a designer for over 25 years; he was freelance art director for Sony Music when he was just 21. His range of media and experience is broad; he worked in animation in Hollywood, designed and built houses in the UK, and lighting and furniture in Los Angeles. Recently he has solo-built two small homes in the desert, using only water and power that could be hauled, stored, and generated. Contact